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Meet Janusz Goralski, an artist in the old world tradition of European craftsman. With a masters in fine art, here you see him as a young man, during the period where he was creating museum pieces, fashion pieces, and a piece that is on exhibit today in the Vatican made for Pope John Paul II.

This is a piece that is now a permanent exhibit at the Malbork Museum in Poland, as reported by the French Press.
This is an original metal sculpture of the crucifixion made for the late Pope John Paul.

Mr. Goralski has exhibited in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, and Spain. He is now available to you here in the United States. He is able to design your special piece of jewelry, as well as fully execute the work through the entire process.

Deal directly with the designer, who is your manufacturer, and cut out the middle man.

Custom engagement ring made with colored stone to match fiancee's eyes -- Jjanusz is in the process of creating the matching wedding band.
Freshwater Tahitian pearl bracelet set in 14K gold,

Custom diamond engagement ring. More examples can be seen in Gallery II.

This is part of the permanent collection of amber and silver at the Malbork Museum in Poland.


Museum piece jewelry worn in a fashion show.


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