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We specialize in making our customers happy in their custom design jewelry. Some of our past creations have included everything from 14K gold sea creatures to 18K gold and plantium rings and bracelets.

Let us remake jewelry you inherited or no longer wear into something that is significant and meaningful for you. We can create a design that will allow you to fall in love with your jewelry all over again.

Custom designed ruby and diamond ring in 14K gold.
Custom design piece remade from a ring belonging to a clientís grandmother. 14K gold diamond and amethyst.

14K gold diamond pin designed for a Christian Bernard client.

Designed from family jewelry. A manís right hand ring in 14K gold with diamonds.
A custom Jewish star; a current work in progress for a client.

Sterling silver and amber octopus necklace currently on exhibit.
Sterling silver and amber belt for a fashion show, now on permanent exhibit at Malbork Museum in Poland.

Amy's ring: custom designed to client's specifications.
Citrine and diamond ring available in any metal or with any colored stone combination.

Caged freshwater pearl bracelet in 14k gold, weighing almost 1 ounce, available for sale in any length.

Opal and diamond pendant designed to the stone. We cut our own opals; let us know what we can create for you.
Yellow twist.

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