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Our design begins with your call.

Watch a video of how we design a ring from drawing concept to final product. We will be uploading a version with audio commentary in the near future.

 Enjoy the show. Click here to download


The Process

Listening to you, we sketch out a design.

Then, we begin carving out a wax model.



Then the wax model is ready to be cast. This is the process that is referred to as the “lost wax” process. During this process, the wax melts and only the outline is left so that the metal can be heated and the jewelry created in the mold that has been made.

After the metal is removed, the piece goes through a finishing process and precious stones may be added. Here you see the final piece; a head of dolphin diving into three waves of diamonds. This piece was made to a client’s order in sterling silver with blue and black diamonds.

–What can we make for you?


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