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Itís amazing what ten dollars can buy, but these letters actually came from peopleís hearts...

... A testimonial from Saks Fifth Avenue.
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... from Brandeis University.
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... from Marjorca.
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"In early November of 2005, I came to John with an idea for a Jewish star necklace for myself and my daughter-in-law. He helped come up with a beautiful design, and was able to quickly create two very unique pendants within a few weeks. My daughter-in-law was very pleasantly surprised at her original present, and I am constantly being complimented on my necklace wherever I go. I would recommend Jjanusz Custom Jewelry Design to anyone and am looking forward to creating more designs with them in the near future!"
Lisa Theobald
Schaumburg, IL

"Janusz used my Grandmother's two wedding rings to make me this lovely pendant - I love it! I get so many compliments!"
Gena Parkhurst
Hoffman Estates, IL

"My husband was turning 60 and I wanted to give him something special. I remembered that I had his mother's ring and my mother's ring just sitting in my jewelry case. I took them to John and said "Make me something unique, flattering and classy"!! Within an hour John created the perfect ring. I would have never believed such a gorgeous ring could be made with these different sized diamonds. My husband loves it. The craftsmanship, quality and design can not be matched. Thank you John for making this gift unforgettable."
Phillis Witwicki
Cary, IL

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